Resources for Resilience Stories


Resources for Resilience™ offers practical strategies that community members can use to stay healthy and connected during tough times. Read more about how participants are using these dynamic tools to deepen their resilience and manage the stress of daily life.

“Since learning resiliency tools, I truly am a different person. I find myself more aware of what is going on around me and within me – I take better care of myself now that I know these things. I am more understanding of those in my life – my family, friends, people I work with – even people in the grocery store or in traffic! I feel more able to actually live my life than just have it happen to me.”

Allison Sturtevant Gilliam

Wife, Parent, Social Worker

“Resources for Resilience delivered a gift to me that will forever change my life and the way I practice. I am a triple board certified physician in the areas of family medicine (primary care), sleep disorders, and addiction. Many of my patients suffer from adverse childhood experiences which increase the risk for adverse health outcomes, including physical and mental illness, as well as a decrease in life expectancy. The good news is the body and brain can heal. RFR provides needed skills in an easy, understandable way. I use these skills daily, not only for my patients, but also to tap into my inner resilience and buffer the effects of my own adverse childhood experiences. Thank you so much.”

Jamila Battle, MD

Physician and Author of "From Abuse to Abundance"

“RFR has been an amazing tool for me, personally, as well as for the people I work with. I have applied these skills to help coworkers, clients, client’s family members, and my own support circle. This training provides a clear and simple way understand how we react to stress and normalizes the trauma response that can occur subconsciously. Applying these practical tools and incorporating them into my daily life has been so simple to do. RFR is a game-changer and life-enhancing experience. Everyone can benefit from this training and education!”

Angelique Ward, CPSS

Certified Peer Support Specialist

“Resources for Resilience has been instrumental in helping me find the voice to tell my story. Through this training, I now understand how my body and brain respond in stressful or traumatic situations. However, the most important part was learning that we have resources to help us regulate our response. I’m looking forward to sharing this knowledge with my community.”

Michael Hayes

Ready 2 Work Case Manager, Green Opportunities

“Resources for Resilience offers knowledge and exercises that reset the nervous system and restore connection for individuals who have experienced trauma. On some level, everyone has witnessed or been exposed to stressful or traumatic events; therefore, these tools can be beneficial to individuals and communities within a variety of contexts. The insight and techniques offered by RFR foster resiliency and healing, while also minimizing the transmission of relational trauma.

As a Peer Support Specialist, I use the tools I learned from RFR when supporting individuals who are in crisis or experiencing traumatic situations. These tools help me to remain grounded as I walk with individuals through tumultuous and distressing life situations. I utilize the RFR knowledge and exercises to help me remain resilient to overwhelming emotions and triggers that could potentially jeopardize my own recovery from substance use disorder and mental health challenges.

The RFR training changed my life and I recommend it to everyone. I feel that the knowledge and tools provided could greatly reduce societal costs of trauma and produce happier, healthier outcomes for individuals and families.”

Cassie York, CPSS

Certified Peer Support Specialist