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Statement of Solidarity

As our nation struggles with the pain of structural racism, murder, and exploitative systems, many of us are experiencing outrage, heartbreak, fear, and despair. Connection will be our path forward – through it, there is safe room for rage, grief, healing, and the brain-online actions it will take to generate vast systems changes. Together, we can create a future that is far more equitable than our past…

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Healing from the Inside Out: Brain Science, Building Trust, and Growing Community Wellness with Eastern NC Neighbors

Resources for Resilience™ (RFR) doesn’t just offer a one-time train-the-trainer experience and then expect new partners to be fully prepared to lead our two-day Reconnect for Resilience™ (Reconnect) trainings; instead, we offer a six-month Resilience Educator Apprenticeship Program (REAP) that allows emerging trainers to observe, practice, reflect, and build comfort and capacity as a leader in this work…

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A Most Beautiful Resource

Recently, I was invited to participate in a Reconnect for Resilience™ (Reconnect) training at one of my favorite places on the planet – Hope Reins. Hope Reins serves children in crisis using horses, a beautiful 33-acre ranch, human connection, and words of hope and faith. It is a healing place. This space and these people mean a great deal to my family. I am mom to two daughters who arrived into our family through adoption…

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Restoring Self-Compassion

In a training at a county jail, we were asking participants to imagine how different trauma scenarios might affect someone. We described the following hypothetical situation: Rob’s Grandma, who raised him, had a stroke. She was on life support and died. Rob was in jail at the time and couldn’t go to the funeral. We asked our participants to imagine how this might affect the Rob’s thinking, emotions, or…

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